Nov 01, 2018 10 00 AM PDT
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How to have a 99% spam free, theft proof & people centric job search!

Learn to "Think Out and Up" in your job search, whether you're in a suit or pj's! Eddie's humor + great advice + FREE ACTION GUIDE = one unique event!

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How to have a 99% spam free, theft proof & people centric job search!

If you're getting more spam (and other unwanted stuff) in your email inbox than on a grocery store shelf, this webinar is for you!

Innovative and creative job search coach Eddie Latimer takes you through his trials and tribulations to give you THE REAL 411 on job searching. In this two hour webinar, he'll have you "thinking outside the box" in every aspect of your job search. From uniquely designed cover letters to your first 90 days on the job and everything in between, his way of teaching will not only help you get past the setbacks that many job seekers face everyday, but his great sense of humor will keep you in stitches to ease the pain of job searching.

He'll also reveal
  • Five little known, but very useful, people that should be in your job search.
  • The letters that got him past low-level HR staffers AND 3rd party HR "departments".
  • How to make at least a FOUR FIGURE income as you job search.
...and so much more.

In addition to the webinar, a FREE copy of Eddie's book, "Thinking Out and Up" ($29.97 value), will be given to all webinar attendees and they will be entered to win one of six 30 minute coaching calls to plan their job search.

Don't miss your chance to win a coaching call and get some great job searching advice. REGISTER TODAY!
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