GTA LIVE! How to get (and keep) the best staffing agency recruiters!

If jobseekers had the chance to be a fly on the wall in the office of many headhunters, temporary staffing agencies, contract firms and/or consulting firms and heard what they say (said) about them, many of them would be so hot that they could melt ice with their bare hands in mere minutes.

Well, Eddie was that fly on the wall and what he learned over the years would have him running to an employment attorney faster that Walmart could come back to the ghetto! By working in the offices of two well-known staffing agencies, befriending a few recruiters and finding out (by PURE accident) how he and the client was getting paid, he was able to put everything together to teach jobseekers how the temporary staffing industry REALLY works.

In this two hour event, that’s UNCENSORED AND WITH NO REGRETS, Eddie will take you what he’s been through and how to avoid all their infamous tricks/traps to get (or keep) you in their never ending employee pool.

Topics that will be discussed include:
  • The 25 questions to ask ANY recruiter before AND during the application/job search process.
  • How to raise your pay and lower their profit margin (even if they say they “can’t” do it.)
  • How to get a 5 FIGURE compensation check from those that failed you.
  • A petition drive that will TRULY shake up the temporary staffing industry.
....and so much more.

In addition, ALL attendees will receive a copy of Eddie’s action guide “Grading The Agencies” ($29.97 value) to use during and after the event. Don’t miss your chance to get what YOU want in a headhunter or staffing agency recruiter....REGISTER TODAY!!!!
More about the event:
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