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GTA LIVE! How to get (and keep) the best staffing agency recruiters!

The event, with a FREE ACTION GUIDE, that'll have staffing agency, contract and/or consulting firm recruiters run like cockroaches to their PR firms!

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GTA LIVE! How to get (and keep) the best staffing agency recruiters!

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the office of a headhunter, temporary staffing agency and/or contract/consulting firm?

Well, consider yourself lucky!

Author and job search coach Eddie Latimer was that fly on the wall...and what he's going to reveal in this two-hour webinar will make you think twice about registering with 99% of the headhunters, temporary staffing agencies and/or contract/consulting firms in your city. His experience in the office of a few agencies, befriending a few recruiters in two other agencies and learning from other job seekers allowed him to get THE REAL 411 on what goes on in the mind of a recruiter as they bring in applicants for their clients.

With a great mix of humor and real life experience, he'll teach you:
  • The 25 questions to ask ANY recruiter before and during the application process.
  • How to increase your salary and decrease their profit margin.
  • How to write unique letters that will keep the best recruiters in good standing and put fear into any recruiter who loves to database. 
  • How to get MAJOR compensation from any headhunter, temporary staffing agency and/or contract/consulting firm that dropped the ball in your job search.
  • How to take part in a petition drive that will reform the temporary staffing industry ONCE AND FOR ALL! 
and much, much more!

In addition to the webinar, all attendees will receive a FREE copy of Eddie's book, "Grading The Agencies" ($30 value). This book will have everything a job seeker needs to get you to the right recruiters who know how to keep you busy.

Don't miss your chance to keep the best (recruiters) and make money off the rest! REGISTER TODAY!!
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