Jun 17, 2017 10 00 AM PDT
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How to have a 99% spam free, theft proof & people centric job search!

Learn to "Think Out and Up" in your job search, whether you're in a suit or pj's! Eddie's humor + great advice + FREE ACTION GUIDE = one unique event!

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How to have a 99% spam free, theft proof & people centric job search!

If you're a job seeker that has been getting more spam in your email inbox than seeing it on a grocery store shelf, this event is for you!!

In this two hour webinar, author and one of America's Funniest Job Search Coaches, Eddie Latimer teaches you to "Think Out and Up" in your job search. Not only will you learn how to have the best mix of tech and non-tech tools in your search for a great job, Eddie will show you how to

  • Make ANY job fair work to YOUR advantage
  • Decipher any Craigslist/Monster/CareerBuilder ad, especially ads that involving those infamous "resume stuffer" companies.
  • Use his four uniquely created letters that helped him get past low-level HR staff AND those infamous third party "HR" departments.
  • Use Tinder, yes Tinder, as a job search tool.
  • Make an income as you search for your perfect job AND get even, legally, with those who couldn't return a phone call, email and/or social networking post to save their life.
And so much more!

In addition to the session, you'll receive a copy of Eddie's book, "Thinking Out And Up" (a $30 value).FREE, plus be entered in a drawing for one of six hour long coaching calls to discuss what's working and not working in your job search.

Don't miss this great opportunity to "Think Out And Up" in your job search. Register today!!!

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