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GTA LIVE! How to get (and keep) the best staffing agency recruiters!

The event, with a FREE ACTION GUIDE, that'll have staffing agency, contract and/or consulting firm recruiters run like cockroaches to their PR firms!

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GTA LIVE! How to get (and keep) the best staffing agency recruiters!

If you could imagine being a fly on the wall of a staffing (temp) agency, contract firm and/or consulting firm and hearing what they say about their applicants and/or clients, you would be boiling mad to the point of making ice cubes melt in five seconds in the middle of Winter..

During his professional career, author and one of America's Funniest Job Search Coaches Eddie Latimer was that fly on the wall. In this two-hour webinar, he'll relate his experiences in the temporary staffing industry and how it can benefit you. Working as a temp, being in the offices of two well-known staffing agencies as well as befriending a few recruiters from different staffing agencies, he'll give you the REAL 411 on what to expect when working with a temp agency, contract firm and/or consulting firm.

In addition, his newly released action guide, "Grading The Agencies" (a $30 value) will be FREE for all webinar attendees. lt details everything you need to ensure a win-win-win scenario each and every time you work with a temp agency, contract firm and/or consulting firm including:
  • The 25 questions you need to ask a recruiter BEFORE and DURING the application process
  • How to maximize your salary AND minimize their profit margin.
  • How to get compensated from those temp agencies, contract firms and/or consulting firms that dropped the ball in your job search. 
  • A unique petition drive to help job seekers reform the temporary staffing industry. 
and much much more.

Don't miss your chance on getting the right people on your job search, with the pay that YOU want to have. Register today!! 
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